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2023 Final Assessment Rolls


Our goal is that assessments be fair and equitable in relationship to other properties in the town. The Assessor’s office has no control over the budget process – we can only work within the framework of decisions made by other government agencies, such as the Town Board as well as Federal and State Governments. The more current information we have on all the properties in Greenville, the more equitable the assessments will be. We encourage you to stop by our office during office hours and review your property information.

EXEMPTIONS - If qualified, these exemptions can reduce your tax bill: STAR - Partial exemption from school taxes for most owner/occupied primary residences with an income limit of $500,000. If 65 or older, homeowners may be eligible for Enhanced STAR. Click here to view more information regarding STAR exemptions and the exemption forms.

VETERANS- A 15% or 25% reduction for an owner/spouse’s primary residence for the person who served in the military. Click here to view more information regarding Veteran's exemptions and the exemption forms.

FORMS- To view a common application form, click its name below:

Alternative Vet Application

Cold War Vet Application

Solar Application Applications along with a list of requirements can be picked up at the Assessor’s Office or printed from State website by clicking here.

All applications must be submitted to the Assessor’s Office by March 1st.

To view the current year's Final Tax Roll, click here.

To view your property deed, click here.

Important Dates to Remember:

January 1st – Town/County tax bills sent out

March 1st – All exemptions must be submitted to Assessor’s Office

May 1st – Tentative Assessment Roll filed

4th Tuesday in May – Grievance Day

July 1st – Final Assessment Roll filed

July 1st – Valuation Date (the market value date utilized to set assessments)

July 31st – Small Claims petition must be filed by this date

September 1st – School Bills sent out

New York State Department of Taxation and Finance:

Click here for access to additional tax information.


Agricultural, Senior, Star & Veteran Exemptions Forms

are due March 1